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On Sunday, there will be a solar eclipse in the late afternoon and evening that will be visible here in the western part of the United States. It will be an annular eclipse, meaning the moon will line up directly in front of the sun leaving a thin ring of light visible around the perimeter.

According to Vedic tradition, eclipses are taken very seriously and considered a somewhat inauspicious occasion. They are generally regarded as a poor time to undertake an important or new activity, and a good time for meditation and chanting mantras. When I was in India last year, a lunar eclipse occurred while I was receiving pancha karma treatment, and my doctors encouraged me to stay inside, explaining we are particularly vulnerable to negative energy while undergoing such deep release and detoxification.

Here is some advice from the Sai Baba Temple of Austin:

“Solar eclipses are not good times to enter into contracts, embark on new ventures, travel, do most religious ceremonies, or undertake important ventures.  However, they are considered excellent times to perform japa, or repetition of God’s name.  Repetition of mantras like AUM NAMAH SHIVAYA, HARE KRISHNA, AUM NAMO VASUDEVAAYA, etc., are hundreds or even thousands of times more powerful when done during an eclipse than during an ordinary time.  Particularly recommended is the recitation of these mantras while standing or sitting in a body of water like a lake or stream.

Other suggestions:
-Pregnant women are suggested to stay inside and avoid the eclipse light.
-Throw away leftover food after the eclipse.
-Take a bath/shower after the eclipse.
-Fast during (and if possible for a few hours before and after) the eclipse.”

Sunday’s eclipse will begin around 3:15pm Central Time and end around 8:30pm. Sounds like a good time to head down to the Green Belt and find a quiet spot to immerse in the cool waters….

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