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In the last few posts, we’ve been learning about Vata Dosha, the energy of Air and Space. Today, we dive into the fire of Pitta Dosha.

Pitta – The Energy of Fire and Water

The word Pitta comes from the Sanskrit root tap, meaning fire or heat. This is the same root that the term tapas (discipline) comes from, which refers to the burning passion of commitment and dedication.

Pitta is predominantly the energy of the element Fire, although there is also a little bit of Water energy in Pitta as well. Just like a physical flame, Pitta transforms matter from one form to another. We can see Pitta at work in the daily transformative power of our own metabolism and digestion.

The qualities of Pitta are oily, sharp, hot, light (in both senses: light-weight and bright), pungent in odor, spreading and liquid. A Pitta-dominant person typically has a medium-framed body, red-toned oily skin, quick digestion with a ravenous appetite, balding or prematurely grey hair, and a sharp intellect. When the weather is hot and humid, Pitta is dominant in the environment. (Hello, summer in central Texas!)

In the human body, Pitta is responsible for metabolism and maintaining healthy temperature. Its functions include digestion, absorption, assimilation, cellular metabolism, vision, and maintaining healthy skin. Importantly, it is also responsible for the digestion of information or experience into emotions and knowledge.

People with Pitta as their dominant dosha tend to be interested in matters of the mind, sometimes at the expense of the body. They can have fiery emotions, full of passion, and they can be competitive or even aggressive in communication, invested as they are in persuading their listeners. Their drive and motivation is strong and goal-directed.

Stay tuned to learn what happens when Pitta dosha gets out of balance.

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Summer is here – and have I got some steamy summer reading for you!

Some of you may already have a deep and abiding interest in Ayurveda, while others may have just been introduced to this “Science of life.” Perhaps you came across an article on Ayurveda in a magazine, or there was a reference to the three doshas in your yoga class, but it kinda went over your head. For those of you who are just entering the shallow end of this vast and beautiful ocean of wisdom, I’m pulling out the floaties: a step-by-step introduction to the basics.

For the month of June, I will be starting from square one, covering the foundational concepts of Ayurveda and building from the ground up. In the first week, we’ll dive into the three doshas Vata, Pitta and Kapha, starting with what the heck a dosha actually REALLY is.

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Life may get busy once summer hits full stride. With these bite-sized snippets, Ayurveda will slip its way into your heart with hardly any effort at all.

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